Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Week's Best

(This is this week's best picture of Abraham. Love the turned in toes!)

So after compiling this post I've realized something has to change.

I've been wanting to do a link-y post on blog for some time, preferably on a regular basis. I wanted something I could look back on and find some of my favorite posts, from my favorite blogs at any time. But the time involved is WAY more than I'm able to commit to.

Like four hours too long.

I know it will get faster and I'll figure out all kinds of awesome tricks that will shorten the time involved but I know I don't even have the time for the learning curve. Plus, I think it's a bit overwhelming. Just a little bit.

So something is going to change. But I don't know what.

Anyhoo.... Super Fun Links!!!!!

Awesome craftiness-
Ana White/Knock off Wood- She does it again! Picture Ledges, Ladder Shelves and a High Chair, oh my!!!
Cluck, Cluck Sew- A cute chunky fabric watchband tutorial
Grosgain- Thrift Store Thursday and the cute pencil skirt.
How about Orange- Super cute Recycled Paper Flowers! I'll have to use this at Christmas...
Adventures in Dressmaking- How to take in a sweater

Yummy food-
A Year of Crockpotting- Oreo Cheesecake
(in the post she also has a link for Pumpkin Cheesecake in the crockpot. Imagine the thanks at Thanksgiving this year!)
Pioneer Woman- Corn Chowder with Chilis and Stuffed Shells. Need I say more?
Deliciously Organic- I probably won't make this organic but I could not resist Peanut Butter Bread Pudding.
Good Cheap Eats- I've been very lax on my salad intake lately. This looks like a good way to start back up! Orchard Chicken Salad.
Lick the Bowl Good- Mocha Frappe' Pie. Must. make. this.
Bakerella- Can you imagine how fun it would be to go to Cupcake Camp?!
The Nourished Kitchen- I may have to try this: Triple Beet Salad.

Great thoughts-
Life as Mom- Frugal Fridays: Saving my Milk Money.
MADE- Celebrate YELLOW! A sweet mama story about popcorn.
The Nester- Make man corner. Brilliant!
Passionate Homemaking- Let your work be your worship.
Simple Mom- What is simple living? Choosing your priorities.
Simple Organic- Staying healthy this winter by eating whole foods and using home remedies .
The Lettered Cottage- They've got a new look. Look!
V and Co.- Hello and Goodbye.

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